I have been blessed to work with the most amazing people that have trusted in me to find the right home for them. Many of them I now call friends.

“Gina is one of the best real-estate agents I have ever worked with. She is knowledgeable and helpful but never pushy and always gives great advice - the best attributes of an agent. In the competitive Seattle housing market, you would do well to have someone like Gina on your side.”
— Kochukoshy, Redmond home buyer

“We had an amazing experience working with Gina. We had attended a few open houses when we were first thinking of purchasing a home, and out of all of the listing agents we met, Gina was the only one we remembered. She was bright and enthusiastic, confident, and knowledgeable, and she even remembered US when we called to see if she would be our realtor! Gina answered every one of our questions (even answering the same question multiple times when we, as first time home-buyers, needed some extra help). She was prompt with her responses, and she kept up with the timline way better than we did. Every day from offer to closing (and even before, and after!), Gina sent us regular updates on the status of the paperwork, what we should do next, what the sellers had to do next, etc etc. She explained every step of the process to us. Gina was incredibly knowledgeable about the market in Seattle, and she was a phenomenal advocate for us in negotiating our closing. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Seattle area.”
— Lauren, Seattle home buyer

Gina was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and preparred us for what it would be like looking for our new home! Anytime we found a house we wanted to walk through, Gina was there, ready and waiting. When it finally came down to signing all of the paperwork, she helped us understand every aspect so we could make the right decisions. It was an absolute pleasure working with her and I would do so again!
— Bjarni, Lynnwood home buyer

Gina was such a blessing! I was a first time home buyer and she walked me through the entire process and answered my many questions without ever becoming annoyed or short. She is professional, honest, and did not pressure me. She gives you the tools needed to make an educated decision and has the skills to close the deal in a competitive market. I highly recommend Gina if you are looking to purchase a home. She is wonderful.
— Serdar
It was super fun and pleasure to work with Gina. She is a very hard worker, responsive and knowledgable about the market. She always had done research on candidate homes within couple of hours and suggested great strategies to win. She always tried to convince us to find a perfect home and gave thoughtful advice. We finally were able to find and purchase our dream home in great location. Whole process was just easy, smooth and never pain! Thanks, Gina!
— Bokyung

We just purchased our first home with Gina, and she did a fantastic job of not only making the process as easy as possible, but giving us all the reassurance and support needed to make it through! We closed over a month ago, and she still checks in on us regularly to see how things are going. Of course, she’s professional and knowledgeable, but what sets her apart is her true dedication to her clients - which I consider to be the most important quality in a successful real estate agent.
— VC
I wish I had another couple of pages to write about how effective, skillful and customer-focused a professional Gina was for us, when we were in the (unbearably long) process of finding and purchasing a new home. We relied so much on Gina that when she moved to a new agency, we did not hesitate to follow her there.

Some examples:
- We made an offer on a new home on Friday, after talking about it with the builder. At the last minute, another buyer came in at a higher price, and were told on Sunday that we wouldn’t get the house. Gina hounded the seller all day Monday and found out that the competing buyers had failed to make the escrow deposit on time. We were ready and ended up getting the contract signed, a happy reversal of fortune!
- Until that point, we were in the market for almost a year. Gina was always on time at every appointment, even though, by now, she would be used to getting a “sorry, running late!” message from us.
- When the contract was signed, the home was still getting built, and we had no experience with new construction. She always made sure that we understood what the builder’s responsibilities were and negotiated/followed-up with them constantly.
- The completion date of our house was delayed more than once. Gina was instrumental in keeping the delays limited to no more than they reasonably needed to be, while making sure that we didn’t lose morale over the delays.
- She didn’t stop being our realtor when the contract was signed, or when the closing took place. On the day we were getting the keys, she was at the house several hours before us, spending that time to confirm all touch-up work that was promised had been completed.
- On the day of our move, Gina was just about to get in a pizza order for us and the movers (“you’ll be too busy”, she said), until I protested and declined — it was just too much! Unbelievable!

We’ve been in our new home for the past 6 or 7 weeks now, and Gina has already checked up on us several times. I would genuinely recommend this “ball of energy” to anyone looking for a “reliable” realtor.
— Jana, Redmond home buyer

Gina is enthusiastic, knowledgable and fun to work with. She took us through various properties and won a bid with great strategy. The process was very smooth and she also helped us finding mortgage, inspection experts both turns out to be very helpful and nice people.
— TXiang
Gina was there for us every step of the way through our selling and buying process! She is everything we wanted/needed in an agent and more. You are sure to be in excellent hands when you work with her and, should we ever choose/need to go through the selling/buying process again, we would choose to work with her every time!
— Taylor

Gina is professional, very knowledgeable, and absolutely pleasant to work with! Whenever we need her, she was there, by phone, texts, emails and even in person during weekends.. Also, Gina was patient with all our questions and always quick to respond to our needs (when necessary, she worked with us to write offers early in the morning and even late at nights). She knows all the strategies to win in this crazy market and not afraid to advise us what to do when we ask her. She never pushed us into something we are not comfortable with. Most of all, we were confident that Gina is working with us. I couldn’t ask for more, Gina is perfect, and believe me I am very selective. Highly recommend to anyone!
— Peaberry
Gina is an absolutely top-of-the-line agent. We felt she had our best interests at heart the whole time. Communication with us as both a buyer and a seller was exceptional, both from Gina and her team.

Gina helped us find and buy the perfect house. We were very picky buyers, looking for a house that not only was a rambler (hard to find in this neck of the woods) but had the right “feel”. Once we found the right house, we put an offer in that day so we were serious buyers but finding that right house was challenging.
She and her crew never tired of us looking and asking questions. That patience in the looking process was hugely soothing at a time when every open house had agents asking us to put an offer in.

Once our old house was ready for sale, she listed and sold it in record time. Our first offer arrived within 24 hours of listing and the house was closed within 3 months. Once again, Gina’s excellent sense and negotiating skills had us a workable offer from buyers who could actually close the deal.

Gina helped us buy our dream home!! Working with her was like being with a friend who was helping us through and through. Very knowledgeable and negotiated the home for us at an excellent price. We highly recommend her for her excellent knowledge and experience in real estate business.
— Dina, Sammamish home buyer

Gina is simply AWESOME! Extremely knowledgeable, with top notch recommendations for offer strategy, inspectors, etc, and so good at what she does that we almost miss the house hunting process with Gina.
— Damon, Lake Forest Park home buyer

Gina really understood our needs and limitations and was able to provide excellent guidance and advice. She was incredibly responsive, ensured we were comfortable with our decisions, and all of her recommendations (inspection guy etc) were top notch. With her help we were only in the market for 3 weeks before we found and purchased our home!
— Rachel, Seattle home buyer
She kept us grounded and reminded us of our goals for our home, while also sending us options we hadn’t thought about. She was an ace at helping us feel like we knew what was coming every step of the way. Gina has a bulldog persistence and is such a sweetheart to work with.
— - Katherine, Bothell condo buyer

Gina excels at her job as a real estate agent! She consistently went above and beyond in all aspects to sell our home. We may look for a new home again, but we know we don’t have to look for another agent!
— Mehul, Kirkland home seller
She is professional, honest, and did not pressure me. She gives you the tools needed to make an educated decision and has the skills to close the deal in a competitive market.
— Serdar, Renton home buyer
Gina helped us both buy our new home and sell our prior home. She was very knowledgeable, hardworking, and had our best interest in mind.
- Ben, Redmond home seller and buyer
Gina did a fantastic job of not only making the process as easy as possible by giving us all the reassurance and support needed to make it through!
— - Van, Kirkland home buyer